Good Neighbor Award

Good Neighbor Award

2018 Good Neighbor Nomination Form

2018 Good Neighbor Winner
Mark Shipley

About 15 years ago, Jacquie Hurd and her family relocated to Washington and moved right across the street from Mark & Kaye Shipley. They met that first day, and have been friends ever since. The Shipleys always made time for a hello and a wave, offered great child rearing advice and babysitting services as well as words of encouragement, and even gave the Hurds their car to use until their car was repaired.

The Hurds have treasured their friendship with this wonderful couple, and were saddened by the sudden loss of Kay 9 years ago. However, the friendship has continued strong between Mark and the Hurd family. When Jacquie was battling cancer, Mark was there at the hospital to pray with the family right before she went into surgery and spent the day in the waiting room. Every other Tuesday, Mark would take their family a full course meal, plus desserts, to help with chemo week. He surprised Jacquie by planting all of her flowers for her when she wasn’t able to do it herself due to the side effects of treatment.

Mark hosted a vacation Bible school in his backyard for the neighborhood kids one year, capping off the week with an ice cream social for the kids and their families. He has helped chop down a dying tree, including the Hurd’s young son “to help”. Mark treats their family like his family – treating them to dinner, church socials, coffee visits, and countless “pull out a patio chair and visit” times.

Through the years, Mark has done everything a good neighbor could do: loaning eggs and spices, mowed the lawn, shoveled the driveway and sidewalks, and providing popsicles or fresh strawberries to the neighbor kids. Mark Shipley is exactly the kind of good neighbor that this award was created to honor.

Congratulations Mark Shipley

Nominated by Jacquie Hurd

The Good Neighbor Award recognizes a person or couple who resides in Washington and is a shining example of a “good neighbor” by devoting their time, skills and energies to helping their fellow residents.

For more information about Good Neighbor Award nominations, please call the Chamber office at (309) 444-9921.